Base coat styrene-free low-emission enamel systems

As a company with a long tradition in research in paint technology safe for the environment, the user and the consumer, Ilva by IVM Chemicals is proud to announce Poliallilico: an innovative polyallyl-based white base coat totally free of styrene monomer.

Poliallilico contains special polyallyl resins with unsaturated and hardening groups incorporating a redox mechanism (MEK peroxide / cobalt) to deliver the same performance and characteristics as polystyrenes.

Main properties:

  • styrene free
  • high film build
  • minimum film shrinkage
  • excellent surface toughness and chemical-physical resistance
  • high shrink resistance 

Not only does Poliallilico perform as well as polystyrene but it's safer too. Poliallilico is much less hazardous than traditional polystyrene as it contains no styrene monomer, making it safer to apply, safer for the user of the end product, and safer for the environment. Due to its innovative formula Ilva's Poliallilico meets all the key international specifications for furniture manufacturing, which require products free of aromatic solvents and styrene monomer.