The wood coating industry is increasingly oriented to a ‘raw wood’ effect, treating wood in such a way as to confer strong materiality to it.

This research in aesthetic and materials, coupled with the increasingly urgent demand for coating solutions with reduced emissions, led our Research Laboratories to design and implement: AQUATECH Essenza - TW18, a waterborne, multipurpose, natural effect top-coat.

​AQUATECH Essenza allows obtaining top coats with tactile and visual effect comparable to that of uncoated wood, giving to it both protection and durability over time.

This product, like its solvent-borne counterpart TS18, has been developed for the coating of deep-pore woods, and with structure and characteristics accentuated by deep brushing. 

Essential and distinctive performances for this type of product are:

  • Resistance to surface polishing, especially difficult to obtain if associated with the need to have very low opacity, to create a surface with reflective properties similar to those of raw wood
  • Excellent pore design, to leave the chosen wood visual appearance unchanged

Besides ensuring aesthetic performance, a high-quality top-coat must also provide surface protection to the product on which it is used. For this reason, its protective properties were specifically defined during design and resulted in the resistance performance of AQUATECH Essenza, which satisfies UNI 2116 regulations.​