On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2009, IVM Chemicals has partnered with the Design Company Danese in the development of an important project called ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN. The project ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN involved an exhibit of wooden works created by some of the main European designers.

The works were coated with IVM Chemicals products and displayed in the Danese stand at the Salone del Mobile 2009 at the Fiera Rho Milano; They were officially presented to designers, architects and journalists during a Fuori Salone event at the Danese offices in via Canova 34.

The event generated a lot of interest, and a large number of experts and Design connoisseurs. The participation of a large audience at these events proved the undoubted success of the partnership between IVM Chemicals and the world of Design, also thanks to the many years’ experience of the IVM Group.

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN is a sustainability-driven project: all the exposed works represent the expression of eco-sensitive choices. All the materials and the production phases show a passion for the environment and are created for the purpose of enhancing the physical and spiritual quality of our habitat.

The IVM Chemicals coating products have been chosen for their ability to associate perfect aesthetic results with the lowest possible environmental impact: in fact, they are all water-based and do not use solvents.

ALDO CIBIC design has designed a greenhouse with simple lines and an elegant roof, for a multi-functional and extraordinarily useful space in the garden.

DOG BOX, DOGTROT design is a broad and comfortable shelter for the family dog in four different sizes depending on the size of the dog. Green Box and Dog Box are purposely made for exteriors. They are made of wood and coated with IVM Chemicals products KLIMA®, which protect them from atmospheric and biological agents (light, air, water, humidity, fungi and moulds). KLIMA® line of products also includes products for their maintenance. KLIMA® products have obtained the prestigious certificate CATAS QUALITY AWARD “Coating system for exterior wood”.

LUOTO is a family of spatial elements based on the concept of a “box”, which grows and transforms to contain, support, open, close and move, changing its shape as that of a multifunctional structure, hosting various activities (studying, resting, meditating). Essenza, innovative Ilva paint by Ivm Chemicals, was chosen for its finishing. This paint was created to answer the desire to give to wooden creations an absolutely natural aspect. Essenza paint is intended for contemporary interior decoration with a simple, clean and rigorous style. Essenza, with its excellent clearness, high opacity and particular anti-glare effect, allows wood to appear as “non-coated”, guaranteeing at the same time absolute protection. Essenza protects LUOTO from light damage, preventing any yellowing from its original colour, and from aggressive detergents, knocks, scratches and rubbing signs, helping to preserve its beauty and charm over time.

ZIGGURAT was born from Enzo Mari’s memories and from his love of playing. Ziggurat is a triangle made of wooden sticks of various colours and sizes. It is intended for children, to amuse them and stimulate their imagination, but it is also intended for adults, as a cult object to charm and free their minds. Ziggurat is painted using AQUATECH®, Ilva paint by Ivm Chemicals completely solvent-free, respecting human health and the environment and offering at the same time the best chemical-physical resistance. Adults and children can safely play with Ziggurat wooden pieces as they like: AQUATECH® products comply with Safety of Toys EN 71/3 regulations, and they have passed specific lab tests which confirm them as “skin-safe” products. Their bright colours are based on selected pigments which do not fade even in contact with water.


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