IVM Chemicals was the sponsor of “Casaminima 45”, a project shown at the Maxxi Museum Exhibition in Rome from 28 June to 29 July 2012

IVM Chemicals was the main sponsor of the “Casaminima 45” project developed by the F.Gostoli Architecture Office, winner of the contest “Eco_Luoghi 2011. House for ecofriendly living”.

“Casaminima 45” is an ecofriendly and modular structure, of 45 sq. m. completely made of wood (structure and walls). The interior has sliding walls that divide, furnish and colour the space. Modular units can be joined together in order to create different types of houses, depending on the space available and needs. Walls of the prototype have been coated with Ilva wax impregnator KLIMA® Wax, while the windows and doors, with 15 years guaranteed KLIMA® Protech Plus cycles.


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