IVM Chemicals participated in this important event organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan.

From May 4 to July 4, 2010, a 80 square-meter house made of eco-friendly materials, products, and technologies could be visited in the Gardens Indro Montanelli of Milan.

The space "Casa del Ben-Essere" showed how the demands of contemporary living can be combined with solutions capable of improving the quality of the environment in which we live.


"Casa del Ben-Essere" is in fact a real living module of 80 sq. m. based on industrialised building techniques which combine materials, products, technologies and solutions available in the market and offer real and innovative testimonials to the needs of modern living, in terms of prevention and pathologies, focus on correct life styles, value given to different capabilities and answers given to the desire of the "wellbeing" of a person.

The furniture, by Tisettanta/Elam, was entirely painted with Silver Power.



Guida Casa Ben Essere

Comunicato Casa Ben Essere

Comunicato Istituzionale